This is a part of a code and I want to add something to it, description below

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%This is a part of a code and I want to add something to it so instead of Deleting all the Users row from Heff that corresponding to P=0 in each itretion, I want to delete only the first row that corresponding to P=0 in each itretion
do_Water_filling = 1;
while do_Water_filling
W = pinv(Heff'); %Precoding Matrix
W_bar = ((W./sqrt(sum(abs(W.^2),1))));
D_Matrix = Heff'*W_bar; %Diagonal Matrix
D_Square = (abs(diag(D_Matrix))').^2; %Channel Gains
P = waterfill(Pt,Pn./D_Square);
if any(P==0)
Heff(:,P==0) = []; %Delete User Row
do_Water_filling = 0;
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Rena Berman
Rena Berman le 16 Déc 2021
(Answers Dev) Restored edit

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami le 17 Sep 2021
In your code
Heff(:,P==0) = []; %Delete User Row
This will actually delete columns not rows in Heff. Not sure if that is what you intended.
Anyways to delete only the first Row / Column in Heff, just use find function to return only the first index.
Heff(:,find(P==0,1)) = []; %find the first index of p == 0 and delete the corresponding col in Hef
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Matthew Worker
Matthew Worker le 17 Sep 2021
yes you right I am sorry I want to delete the Heff Column

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