how to make a timestamp for plotting out of (m:s:ms) ?

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I have an application which gets timevalues ( minutes,seconds,milliseconds) over TCP. This values are generated inside the module which sends data to matlab.
Now i want to convert this values to a timestamp to do some plotting. How can I archive this?
I tried this:
%save Data in Matrix
%make timestamp for plotting data.
timestamp = datetime(0,0,0,0,app.minute,app.second,app.millisecond);
%Save data in matrice for further operations(plotting,saving)
app.counter = app.counter + 1;
But it didn't work.
Thank you very much.
Kaan Inal
Kaan Inal on 23 Sep 2021
Thank you very much!
I now used array2timetable like this
%create timetable
array2timetable(app.BNO055Messung(:,4:13),'Samplerate',100,"VariableNames",{'acc_x','acc_y','acc_z','eul_x','eul_y','eul_z','quat_w','quat_x', 'quat_y', 'quat_z'});
%save table as .txt file
Now i have a .tx file looking like this:
0 sec,-0.36,-0.4,9.39,6.875,-1.8125,2.5,0.997802734375,-0.02130126953125,0.017333984375,-0.0599365234375
0.01 sec,-0.35,-0.38,9.38,6.875,-1.8125,2.5,0.997802734375,-0.02130126953125,0.017333984375,-0.0599365234375
0.02 sec,-0.33,-0.39,9.38,6.875,-1.8125,2.5,0.997802734375,-0.02130126953125,0.017333984375,-0.0599365234375
Now i want to LOAD this txt file and save it again in a variable of type timetable for plotting and analysis.
But the following code doesnt work:
TT = readtimetable(app.FilenameEditField.Value,"RowTimes",'Time',"DurationType","duration");
Error message: Error using readtimetable (line 284)
Row times must be datetime or duration vector.
Thank you for your help!

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