How do I plot if I have a lot of data on the x-axis and I want to see the whole line properly in app designer?

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I want to plot data from the three axes of acceleration against time, but the time captured was one hour and data was captured for 20 milliseconds. Therefore, I have 195000 data for each axis and when I graph the lines are distorted. How can I see all the lines correctly?
Is it possible to view a part first and then drag it to the right to get a good view of each value?
The code I use to plot is this:
Thanks in advance.

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Sargondjani le 21 Sep 2021
It is not clear what you mean with "How can I see all the lines correctly?"
I'm sure the lines are correct, but your input is not what you want ;-)
My guess, you want to zoom in at the periods where the acceleration changes. You will have to program something to select the intervals where the changes in the acceleration are larger than a cetrain treshhold.
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Julen Aramendi
Julen Aramendi le 21 Sep 2021
What I want to achieve is a closer look at the lines, e.g. the oscillations that are present.

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