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How to use parpool for independent expressions

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Ole le 23 Sep 2021
Commenté : Raymond Norris le 24 Sep 2021
How to evaluate independent expressions in local parpool on laptop.
When I try the code below, the parpool is idle.
How to force matlab to evaluate the expressions in parallel.
x = 1; y =2; z=3;
s = x + y + z;
a = 2*x + z;
w = 3*y + 2*z;
f = 3*x + 2*z;
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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 24 Sep 2021
Let me ask you this. Using a pool of workers (i.e. processes) cancels out any implicit threadedness. So will there be any value in doing as your requesting?
To see the impact, try the following:
< run code >
< run code >
Next, run your code using a parallel pool of workers and parfeval (as Mohammad has suggested) and see how close it gets to your timings with maxNumCompThreads set to 'auto'. You might see it's a wash.

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami le 24 Sep 2021
You can use the parfeval function to make these calculations on a worker thread.
x = 1; y =2; z=3;
Fs = parfeval(p,@(x,y,z) x + y + z,1,x,y,z);
Fa = parfeval(p,@(x,z)2*x + z,1,x,z);
Fw = parfeval(p,@(y,z)3*y + 2*z,1,y,z);
Ff = parfeval(p,@(x,z)3*x + 2*z,1,x,z);
s = Fs.fetchOutputs;
a = Fa.fetchOutputs;
w = Fw.fetchOutputs;
f = Ff.fetchOutputs;
To avoid copying of data to workers from main thread if you have large datasets, you can use thread based parpool.

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