Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection, Part02_Modeling.mlx: extractLabeledData

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hi all,
within "Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection", livescript 'Part02_Modeling.mlx"
line8 is : X = extractLabeledData(featureTrain, "Label", "After");
when i try to run this line, matlab returns 'unrecognized function or variable extractLabeledData'
=> extractLabeledData seems not to be known by matlab help and is neither a variable.
am I missing something, how to overcome this issue ?
best regards

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 29 Sep 2021
Hi Juliette,
You'll need to open the MATLAB project first and it will setup the path for the example.
To Run:
  1. Open the MATLAB Project AnomalyDetection.prj
  2. Run Part 1 - Data Preparation & Feature Extraction
  3. Run Part 2 - Modeling
juliette soula
juliette soula on 8 Oct 2021
Hi David,here is the result:
>>which -all extractLabeledData
'extractLabeledData' not found.
You're right "extractLabeledData.m" is "hidden" in the HelperFunctions subfolder.
I've copied the file to the level of Part02_Modeling.mlx file to have it work

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