How to plot the figure in the while loop ?

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SU PIN-YAN on 4 Oct 2021
Commented: SU PIN-YAN on 5 Oct 2021
I want to plot the figure when the data is runned 10000 data ,and intergrate the four figure in one(about 8bit 10bit 12bit 14bit) .
when run 1 data , it's will be plot one figure but that's not my want . please help my code , thanks !
below is my code :
case 'JITTER & cs'
cs = linspace(2e-12 , 4e-12 , 10000)
J = linspace(0 , 5e-12 , 10000)
i =2; B_var=8;
while B_var < 15
Delta_var = (A^2)/(2^B_var);
QN = (Delta_var^2)/12;
JITTER = ((A^2)*(Win^2)*(J.*J))/2;
TN = k*T./cs;
Noise_both = JITTER+TN;
func = Psig./(QN+Noise_both);
SNR = 10*log10(func);
hold on;
title('SNR vs JITTER&cs')
B_var = 8+i;

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 4 Oct 2021
Try putting the figure command and the hold on commands before the while loop (and put the figure command before the hold on).
If you paste your code here -- instead of an image of your code -- it would be easier to help, because we could run your code without needing to retype it all.
SU PIN-YAN on 5 Oct 2021
that's good ! the code can work and that's what I want to do , thanks !

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