sudo ./install doesn't start on Linux

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Domenico Notarangelo
Domenico Notarangelo on 9 Oct 2021
Edited: Piero Mana on 18 Aug 2022
I've downloaded zip file of MATLAB R2021b for linux and when i tried to use the command sudo ./install nothing happen, i've tried with sudo sh ./install but nothing. Terminal give me no messages and i don't know what to do but i need matlab on my pc. It seems like the file named install doesn't work, how can i solve?
Piero Mana
Piero Mana on 18 Aug 2022
Edited: Piero Mana on 18 Aug 2022
Same problem for me with Matlab 2022a (on Ubuntu 20.04LTS). This is a bug, an installer should work smoothly without requiring the user to go searching for fixes on the internet (unless Matlab wishes people to use Octave instead ;)

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Answers (5)

Riccardo Scorretti
Riccardo Scorretti on 23 Mar 2022
This question has been solved here:
In short, it is mandatory to enable root to access the X server:
xhost +SI:localuser:root
sudo ./install
This worked on my PC (Ubuntu 20.04).
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Arthur Mingasson
Arthur Mingasson on 24 Jan 2022
Edited: Arthur Mingasson on 24 Jan 2022
Encountered the same issue with 2021b on ubuntu 20.04
  • What workded for me was to first ./install it without sudo in my home folder
  • sudo mv the full folder into /usr/local/
  • And finally create myself the symlink in /usr/bin/.
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf on 2 Mar 2022
I guess this works. This qualifies (in my mind, anyway) as a bug in the installer. It does have a drawback as well. As near as I can tell, you must decide, upon initial installation, what packages/add-ons that you want. If you want to add-in a new package, you'd have to move the installation back to a location that is writable by the user, or entirely re-install matlab.
@Pol Adillon to create a symlink, you should be able to do the usual thing, ln -s <source file> <link location>, so something like, ln -s /usr/local/MATLAB/R2021b/bin/matlab /usr/bin/matlab should create a link to your matlab executable. You probably need sudo privileges to write the link to /usr/bin, so you'll need to append that to the beginning of the link command.

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das on 12 Oct 2021
To my understanding, you are not able to launch MATLAB R2021b in your linux terminal. The most likely reason is that you do not have permissions to one or more of the files in the installation folder. A similar question has been answered previously the link to which has been attached below. It might help you resolve your issue.
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Niladri Sekhar Mandal
Niladri Sekhar Mandal on 24 Nov 2021
I could not install 2021b, but could install 2020b without any setting changes. It seems there is a bug in the installer.

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David Wilby
David Wilby on 17 Nov 2021
I'm also having this issue on ubuntu linux 18.04 with R2021b. This seems like quite a critical failure for Linux users. Are there any plans to fix this bug in the installer?
Andrew Sinnott
Andrew Sinnott on 24 Jan 2022
Yep 2021a works fine for me, but even with privileges enabled 2021b won't install

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Oren Schneorson
Oren Schneorson on 7 Apr 2022
Change permissions on the MATLAB folder:
sudo chmod a+rwx /usr/local/MATLAB
After install change it back if you so wish.


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