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How do we use blockproc to process my image to compute the difference?

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Emmanuel le 22 Sep 2014
I want to compare two images and obtain region of interest. How does blockproc work. Does it process all the blocks at the same time? I ended up in an infinite loop while trying to run blockproc.

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Alberto le 22 Sep 2014
*blockproc* function divide your image in block, you decide the size of the blocks, and applies the function you want to each block. What you get in the end is a single image whith the transformed blocks combined.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 22 Sep 2014
Blockproc() scans the image with a window and applies some function to the pixels in the window. It normally scans along in "jumps" of the window size but you can program it to move by different distances. The size of the output image is dependent on what function you apply. I attach two demos of it.

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