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Number of elements mismatch.

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Mike Leijten
Mike Leijten on 12 Oct 2021
Commented: Dave B on 12 Oct 2021
Hi everyone,
I have a dimension issue:
I have a Simulink Matlab Function block that has a [3x1] vector of values called pd as its input. This vector should turn into a [6x1] vector called pdot by adding three zeros to every element. Basically just resizing
from to it sounds rather simple but I can't get it to work. The code that I use in my Simulink function block is shown below.
function pdot = fcn(pd)
pdot = zeros(6,1);
temp = zeros(6,1);
for i = 1:length(pd)
pdot(i) = temp(i) + [pd(i); 0; 0; 0];
Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.

Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 12 Oct 2021
This seems like you maybe over complicated it? Is it as simple as...
x = 3×1
1 3 5
ans = 6×1
1 3 5 0 0 0
function pdot = fcn(pd)
(note that padarray can also be used to do this)
Dave B
Dave B on 12 Oct 2021
Happy to help.
Two options:
Take the 51 x 6 and make it 6 x 1 x 51:
pdot=reshape(pdot.',6,1,51); % transpose then reshape
Use padarray to add the zeros directly to the 3 x 1 x 51:
pd = rand(3,1,51);
pdot = padarray(pd, [3 0 0], 0, 'post'); % pad with 3 rows (0 columns, 0 in third dimension), with the value 0, padding on the 'bottom' not the 'top'

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