Adaptive Multi-Level Threshold for image

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mustafa alnasser
mustafa alnasser le 28 Sep 2014
Commenté : Image Analyst le 13 Déc 2017
Dear All;
I have an image with non-uniform illumination , i need to use adaptive threshold to compensate for that , then use multi level threshold to segment the image into Three regions, what is the best way to do that

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 28 Sep 2014
Try adapthisteq(). How you classify into 3 classes after that depends on how easy it is to find the thresholds. Write a script to flatten your image with adapthisteq() and then take the histogram and show it to us.
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Rizwan Chughtai
Rizwan Chughtai le 13 Déc 2017
@image analyst, my question is a little off topic but i need your help on this.
i have two images (as uploaded s1 & s2), one is having the boxes in x-axis direction and second is having the boxes in y-axis direction.
Question 1: how we can find that the boxes is in x-axis direction OR in y-axis direction?
Question 2:after finding the direction, extract/separate the boxes from that image?
(first see the imges 's1' & 's2')
Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 13 Déc 2017
Use regionprops() to get the bounding box and look at the width and height of it.

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Anand le 29 Sep 2014
Have you tried using multithresh after adapthisteq? multithresh does multi-level thresholding using Otsu's method.
thresh = multithresh(I,2);
segI = imquantize(I,thresh);
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mustafa alnasser
mustafa alnasser le 5 Oct 2014
thank you for the answer
Asi explainred, i need first to remove the non uniform illumination then use multi threshold , Non uniform illumanation function deose not works well for all cases that why I switch to adaptive thresholding but this one will give me binary image , my question how to combine both ?

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mustafa alnasser
mustafa alnasser le 29 Sep 2014
Thank you very much for help.
in fact, Adaptive threshold makes it worse .
You can check the link below for the video source to undersatnd the situation
What i am looking for is to segment the image into three area( Liquid, Gas, and Mix region at the border) I would like to combine both adaptive thresholding and multithresholding

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