Is there any way to do an operator on a specific region

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sara le 30 Sep 2014
Réponse apportée : Iain le 30 Sep 2014
Is there any way to do an operator on a specific region ?? for example I want to do imfill just on the Lower left quadrant of the page... I search and find blockproce but I could not do this for Lower left quadrant of the page??? thanks

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Mohammad Abouali
Mohammad Abouali le 30 Sep 2014
Something like this would work.
BWImage(rHalf:r,1:cHalf)= lowerLeftQuadrant;
Note that You can make the code shorter by replacing the last three lines of code as follow:
BWImage(rHalf:r,1:cHalf)= imfill( BWImage(rHalf:r,1:cHalf) );

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Anand le 30 Sep 2014
What you're looking for is the roifilt2 function.

Iain le 30 Sep 2014
A simple way is to simply chop it off:
% (Tune the numbers for what you need)
LowerLeftquad = my_image(74:end,1:30); % assuming a single frame of black & white.
LowerLeftquad = my_image(74:end,1:30,:); % assuming a single colour frame or many black & white.
Do what you want:
LowerLeftquad = imfill(LowerLeftquad);
And stick it back:
my_image(74:end,1:30) = LowerLeftquad;

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