How to plot a function with summation and multiple variables?

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Anne Louise Barão
Anne Louise Barão le 24 Oct 2021
I would like to plot this function. I started writing the code but there are a lot of errors. Any help please!
a = 1; %period
t = 0:0.1:1;%time
ti=0.01;%random fluctuation around the average period
for i=1:n

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Ive J
Ive J le 24 Oct 2021
Start by understanding MATLAB a bit better. For the time being this may help you:
myfnc = @(A, s, t, i, T0, tau) sum(A.*s.*(t - i.*T0 - tau)); % based on the attached fig, both A and tau should be vectors
n = 10;
A = rand(1, n);
tau = rand(1, n);
s = 0.1;
t = linspace(0, 1, n); % doesn't seem to be a vector in your fig (?)
T0 = 0.03;
myfnc(A, s, t, 1:n, T0, tau)
ans = -0.0849
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Anne Louise Barão
Anne Louise Barão le 24 Oct 2021
Hi! Thank you for your answer. A is a time-varying function. Tau is the smallest random fluctuation around the average period. I believe the random function for Tau is correct. t is the time it takes to create this signal so I made a vector. But I can't plot this function.

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