How to download data using proper link

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SWARNENDU PAL on 24 Oct 2021
Commented: SWARNENDU PAL on 25 Oct 2021
Hello everyone. I want to download data using link. I have some proper link, if you click the link the data will be donwloaded automatically. There are total 240 links. I am unable to download the data using those linnks by matlab, because manually it will be time consuming as well as there may be mistake. I am sharing one .txt file, where the links are provided. Thank you.
SWARNENDU PAL on 24 Oct 2021
Sorry for the inconvenience. I am trying to explain once again. In that text file all the single line is a link. If you copy one single link and paste to your browser one netcdf file will be downloaded. You can try that. Now i want to write a code by which i can download the files for every corresponding link. I have tried webread function for accessing those links, but I am unable to do that. Apology for not clarification. If further problem arises please let me know. Thank you sir.

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Jan on 25 Oct 2021
FileName = 'prov.postprocess+sMpAn+dMOD08_M3_6_1_Deep_Blue_Aerosol_Optical_Depth_550_Land_Mean_Mean+zNA+t20010101000000_20201231235959+b.txt';
List = strsplit(fileread(FileName), char(10));
for k = 1:numel(List)
webread(List{k}) % How do you want to store the results?
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SWARNENDU PAL on 25 Oct 2021
Thank you for your response sir. But I got some error. I am attaching the photo with this messege. Thank you sir.

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