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I2C Transmit com => Launchpad F28379D freeze

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Bertrand NOGAREDE le 26 Oct 2021
I'm traying to learn ow to use I2C communication from the Launchpad F28379D.
To start I used the example Read and Write Data to EEPROM (link)
I've configured the HW throught the HW settings. For debugging I've added a sin wave on the DAC-B output.
When I upload the model to the launchpad, there are no compilation errors nut there are no outputs. The DAC-B outputs remains @0V, the I2C clock line PIN J1-9 remains @0V and the I2C data line PIN J1-10 remains @3.8V.
What I've seen is that when I add a "I2C Transmit" block to my model, the launchpad remains inactive after upload.
Is there a foreseable solution?
Best regards,

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur le 11 Nov 2021
Hi Bertrand,
Please reach out to MathWorks Support:
It is likely that a meeting will be needed to help you further including accessing your model files.
Contacting our support enables to do all that.
Venkatesh C




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