Cannot delete PID block

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mariko shirazi
mariko shirazi le 28 Oct 2021
Commenté : MIKE MA le 4 Août 2023
I have some PID blocks created in R2016B, I have converted the model to R2019B. The Model runs fine but I cannot delete some PID blocks. I get a message about error trying to execute the 'DeleteFcn' and specific reference to Callback string is 'pid pack.PID Config.closeTuner(gcbh)'
These were PID blocks which I had modified (which I think means I had to unlink them or something but I cannot recall). Even if I delete all the content inside the subsystem I still cannot delete it.
I verified I still do indeed have an active license for Simulink Control Design.

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka le 28 Oct 2021
Modifié(e) : Monika Jaskolka le 28 Oct 2021
It looks like the DeleteFcn in 2016 was pidpack.PIDConfig.closeTuner(gcbh) while in 2019 it is pidpack.PIDConfig.utilcloseTuner(gcbh). Try this:
  1. Click on the PID block
  2. Go to the Command Window and enter the following:
set_param(gcbh, 'DeleteFcn', 'pidpack.PIDConfig.utilcloseTuner(gcbh)')
3. Try to delete the block
If this still doesn't work, I would try just deleting the callback altogether:
set_param(gcbh, 'DeleteFcn', '')
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mariko shirazi
mariko shirazi le 11 Nov 2021
Sorry only reason for delay in acceptance is that I didn't know I had to vote and accept...
Thank you for your help!!
MIKE MA le 4 Août 2023
hi, is there a way to delete all kinds of callbacks if there were by programlly, since we not sure whether which kind of callbacks be seteed.

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