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RS Decoder from WHDL Toolbox not working for N = 11 and K = 9

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Hassaan Saeed
Hassaan Saeed le 29 Oct 2021
In continuation to my previous post
I tried RS Encoder block from WHDL Toolbox, generated the HDL code and then integrated with an IP node. It is working perfectly.
Then I tried the same for RS Decoder from WHDL Toolbox for N = 11 and K = 9. For No. of messages > 1, it is not returning any valid data at all. It works fine for No. of messages == 1.
You can find the example that I am using from here.
The HDL files are being generated but when I combine it with IP integration node, it doesn't give any data out.
Working for (N = 255 and K = 239), (N = 31 and K = 27)
Not working for (N = 11 and K = 9), (N = 31 and K = 25) and for all combination of u4 data type as far as i checked.

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Ramanan Vajravelu
Ramanan Vajravelu le 12 Oct 2022
Hi Hassaan Saeed,
Block has a nextFrame output port that drives the input data. Whenever the nextFrame signal is asserted the block will accept the input data. I verified it for (N = 11 and K = 9), (N = 31 and K = 25). You can check the next frame output port functionality in https://www.mathworks.com/help/wireless-hdl/ref/rsdecoder.html




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