How to parse file name text and save values to variables

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Samantha Plesce
Samantha Plesce le 2 Nov 2021
I have several file names that I want to parse through to find if they contain certain words.
ex1) HW_Azcut_y-plane_100-500Hz_V-Vp
ex2) XPOLcut_0.5-300MHz_Hp
I would like to be able to store the upper and lower values of frequencies into separate variables, find whether it is in Vertical (V) or Horizontal (H) , the cut type (Az, XPOL)

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Johnny Himbele
Johnny Himbele le 2 Nov 2021
str = 'HW_Azcut_y-plane_100-500MHz_V-Vp';
strPart = split(str,"_");
idxCut = contains(strPart,'cut');
strCut = erase(strPart(idxCut),'cut');
if strcmpi(strCut,'Az')
cutType = 'Az';
elseif strcmpi(strCut,'XPOL')
cutType = 'XPOL';
idxFreq = contains(strPart,'Hz');
factor = 1.0;
strFreq = strPart(idxFreq);
if contains(strFreq,'kHz')
factor = 1.0e3;
strErase = 'kHz';
elseif contains(strFreq,'MHz')
factor = 1.0e6;
strErase = 'MHz';
elseif contains(strFreq,'GHz')
factor = 1.0e9;
strErase = 'GHz';
strFreq = erase(strFreq,strErase);
strFreq = split(strFreq,'-');
for i = 1:length(strFreq)
freq(i) = str2double(strFreq(i))*factor;

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 2 Nov 2021
Look at various combinations of the following functions
extractBetween, extractBefore, extractAfter

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