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Find the difference between two numbers in an array and create a new array

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Hello, I am working on a meteoroogy project to calculate mean periods of buoyancy oscillation. Rather than do everything by hand, I figured it would be easier to throw them in matlab and have it calculate it. Right now, I'm at a point where I have calculated theta values in an array (11,1). For the equation I am using, I need to find the difference between theta values in order to use that number for my equation. (g/theta * differnece in Theta/difference in height)
All of these are in their own arrays. At this point, I need help figureing out what commands to use to have it figure out the difference between each of the theta values (and height, but I'm assuming I will end up just using the same code). I have attached the working code I have used to get each value so far.
One thing that can throw a wrench into my plans... there are two data sets that I have combined into one with a blank box in between them in order to split them apart. So I'll have to account for that, which will be a problem on its own. Thank you for your help!
Table = readtable('file.xlsx');
pres = Table(: , 1);
hght = Table(: , 2);
temp = Table(: , 3);
dwpt = Table(: , 4);
rh = Table(: , 5);
mixr = Table(: , 6);
Rdcpdry = .286;
thing = Rdcpdry;
tp1 = (1000 ./ pres{: , 1}) .^thing;
theta = (temp{: , 1}) .* tp1;

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Sargondjani le 9 Nov 2021
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Ian Mason
Ian Mason le 10 Nov 2021
That was great! Thank you! Now I am running into issues calculing the d_hght. I'm trying to use the code d_hght = diff(hght);
But, I'm getting this error... Check for missing argument or incorrect argument data type in call to function 'diff'.
Ian Mason
Ian Mason le 10 Nov 2021
Figured it out. I forgot to put the call to the table in brackets.

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