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Add x=y line to the scatter plot

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Gokhan Kayan
Gokhan Kayan le 9 Nov 2021
Commenté : Gokhan Kayan le 9 Nov 2021
Hi, I have x and y data, where
xlim([300 600])
ylim([300 600])
pbaspect([1 1 1])
How can I draw x=y line to this plot ? Is there any command to this ?

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dpb le 9 Nov 2021
hold on
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Gokhan Kayan
Gokhan Kayan le 9 Nov 2021
Thanks. It worked perfectly

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Sargondjani le 9 Nov 2021
x = linspace(300,600,2);
y = x;
And you will need a hold command after the scatter command.
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Gokhan Kayan
Gokhan Kayan le 9 Nov 2021
Thanks for the answeer dear Sargondjani. It worked perfectly too

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