How to deal with the presence of [] during the summation of arrays

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Hi all,
There are four columns in each row, I want to add four arrays in each row to get a new array, but some of the rows have [], and I get an error when I run the addition, how can I handle it? The screenshot of structure is presented following:
I wrote some code, but it was wrong and did not work
for m = 1 : 5
if ~isempty(O(m).A1) || ~isempty(O(m).A2) || ~isempty(O(m).A3) || ~isempty(O(m).A4)
O(m).A5 = O(m).A1 + O(m).A2 + O(m).A3 + O(m).A4;
Thanks in advance for the support and help!

Accepted Answer

Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 16 Nov 2021
One possible way is as follows:
a = [];
b = [];
c = randn(10,1);
d = randn(10,1);
sumResult = sum(cat(2,a,b,c,d),2);
Refer to the documentation of functions sum & cat for more information.

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