Problem adding a field to a struct via function

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Florian Spicher
Florian Spicher le 17 Nov 2021
Commenté : Florian Spicher le 17 Nov 2021
I would like to use functions, which compute a few things, and then add the respective results to my struct. My problem is that, when I put the very same lines in the command window, it works perfectly, but when I use my functions, nothing changes.
For example, I have the short code:
function generateTriangleCount(MeshInfo)
where MeshInfo is my structure. Entering generateTriangleCount(MeshInfo) does not add the field NT to my structure, but entering SizeTriangleField=size(MeshInfo.tri); and MeshInfo.NT=SizeTriangleField(1); does. What do I do wrong?

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 17 Nov 2021
Your function doesn't return any output. Modify it to do so:
function MeshInfo = generateTriangleCount(MeshInfo)
and then call it via:
MeshInfo = generateTriangleCount(MeshInfo);
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Florian Spicher
Florian Spicher le 17 Nov 2021
I apparently was overthinking it. Thank you :)

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