Simscape is aligning tyre wrong.

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I am designing a suspension system. However, when ı want to connect tie rod to the upright, it is connecting it from the other side by rotating the tyre 180 degree such that inside of the tyre is facing out. What can I do to make the program that it connecting tie rod to the upright in a correct tyre orientation.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Nov 2021
The initial position of the joints can be influenced using joint targets.
Those are set within the joint. Here is a screenshot of the Revolute Joint with the desired angle set to 180 deg.
You can check your assembly by opening the Simscape Variable Viewer.
Here is a screenshot showing that not all joints achieved their desired initial positions from model sm_double_wishbone_suspension
To learn more about this topic, read this documentation page: How Multibody Assembly Works.
If you are modeling suspensions, you also should take a look at the Simscape Vehicle Templates. This is a free set of templates for modeling vehicle dynamics and vehicle powertrains in Simscape. You can see many animations on this page:
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Volkan Eyidemir
Volkan Eyidemir on 25 Nov 2021
Thanks a lot. This helped me to solve my problem.

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