Deeplearning validationData in 2021b (deep learning toolbox)

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Hi i just installed the 2021b version, and now i cant use the combinedDatastore class as validation data, it works just fine in version 2021a.
When i try to run my code in 2021b i get the following error:
Error using trainNetwork (line 184)
Conversion to single from cell is not possible.
Caused by:
Error using cast
Conversion to single from cell is not possible.
Does anyone know what i need to change in order to get my code to run in 2021b?
best regards

Answers (1)

yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 2 Dec 2021
yes,sir,may be upload some code or data,or use
A = cellfun(@single,your data) such as
A = cellfun(@single,{1,2})
to avoid data type transfer

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