trouble with switch case

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Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
Commented: Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
I got a function which i would like to be something like this:
function output = calc(input)
switch input
case 'Static'
bla bla
case 'Dynamic'
bla bla
case 'Dynamic2'
bla bla
case 'Compined'
. . .
bla bla
Nothign special untill now.My problem is that in the case 'Compined' i would like to chouse again another case and after make the calculations.I tried to use cell array where the input would be for example {'Static'} or {'Dynamic'} or {'Dynamic2'} {'Compined','Static'} or {'Compined','Dynamic'} or {'Compined','Dynamic2'} and the code in line 2 would change to :
switch input(1)
and in the compined i to make another switch:
switch input(2)
for the second element of the cell.But cell cannot be used in switch.Any ideas how to impliment it?
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 24 Oct 2014
use curcly brackets to switch on the cell item.
switch input{1}
Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
your answer is correct for the error message but now thinking of that i have to write all the cases/code again in the last case.I was wondering if there something more elegant :P

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