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I have this data.mat file with "errors" and "distractors" variables for 27 participants in three different conditions. I would like to export error data for each participant filtered by condition to three different excel files (one per condition). I am pretty new to Matlab so I am having some difficulties doing this, anyone could advice how to do it?
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Mikel  Jimenez
Mikel Jimenez on 2 Dec 2021
I'm trying with:
T = array2table(f);
but I think I need to include a loop, any ideas?

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Ive J
Ive J on 2 Dec 2021
You have 3 conditions: each row in 'errors' corresponds to each condition. However, each row in 'distractors' is another matrix of 3X200. You may want to modify this snippet a bit depending on your need.
errors = horzcat(data.errors);
distractors = horzcat(data.distractors);
for i = 1:3
file = "data.cond." + i + ".xlsx";
er = cell2mat(errors(i, :).');
di = cell2mat(distractors(i, :).');
writematrix(er, file, 'Sheet', 'errors')
writematrix(di, file, 'Sheet', 'distractors')

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