System Composer Component Masks

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jmflorez on 3 Dec 2021
Answered: Josh Kahn on 21 Mar 2022
In order to best use Architecture Model for documentation I need to customize the look of the components in System Composer.
I would like to add a mask to the components so I can show an image/icon like we do in Simulink.
Today there is only the content preview option and the stereotype option that can add a small (16px x 16px) icon on the corner.
None of these solutions is what I need.
Can we add a mask to a component or do you know of a preload function (as a callback) that can add an image to the block?
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Marcel Pozo
Marcel Pozo on 8 Feb 2022
Also looking for an answer to this... seems like there is no way to put a custom picture (mask) on a component element on Systems Composer

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn on 21 Mar 2022
Hey there,
There is no native way to add component images in System Composer but if you reach out to application engineering through your sales rep, we can help you figure out some workarounds!
Hope that helps,




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