How to add two sets of imported data?

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Ashley Bhugwandin
Ashley Bhugwandin le 7 Déc 2021
I am currently working on a program that requires me to add two sets of data that is imported in tables. However whenever I run the code, I get this error message:
Operator '+' is not supported for operands of type 'table'.
Error in MastersDraft_1 (line 3)
Moisture_content = plus(Lime_additioncombinedprdts,Lime_additioncombinedprdtsratio);
How do I fix it?
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Ashley Bhugwandin
Ashley Bhugwandin le 8 Déc 2021
How would I add the respective columns?
Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins le 10 Déc 2021
Please see my post below.

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Siddharth Bhutiya
Siddharth Bhutiya le 30 Mar 2023
Starting R2023a, tables now directly support arithmetic operations like plus, minus, sum, etc. So this kind of work becomes very easy. You can directly add two tables or numeric values to a table.
T1 = table([1;3],[2;4]);
T2 = table([1;2],[3;4]);
T = T1 + 10
T = 2×2 table
Var1 Var2 ____ ____ 11 12 13 14
T = T1 + T2
T = 2×2 table
Var1 Var2 ____ ____ 2 5 5 8
You can find more information about what things are now supported here: Direct Calculations on Tables and Timetables

Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins le 7 Déc 2021
Ashley, there's a long example in the doc that talks about "how to perform calculations by using the numeric and categorical data that the table contains" at length:
Without more information in your question, the short answer is to do things like
t.X = t.X + 1
tplus1 = varfun(@(x)x+1,t)
or perhaps
t{:,["X" "Y" "Z"]) = t{:,["X" "Y" "Z"]) + 1
t.Variables = t.Variables + 1


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