how can i convert image datastore to 4DArrayData

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Nagwa megahed
Nagwa megahed on 12 Dec 2021
Answered: Nagwa megahed on 17 Dec 2021
Dear all,
i have an image datastore that load images as in the attached picture:
how can i convert the cell of images to 4DArrayData to have the same form of digitTrain4DArrayData??

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Nagwa megahed
Nagwa megahed on 17 Dec 2021
I solved the problem by trying this way :
datasetFolder = ' F:\Datasets\.......; // add the path of your images dataset
imds = imageDatastore(datasetFolder,IncludeSubfolders=true,LabelSource="foldernames");
XTrain = reshape( cat(3,X{:}) , [105,105,1,3410]);
dsXTrain = arrayDatastore(XTrain,'IterationDimension',4);
dsYTrain = arrayDatastore(YTrain);
dsTrain = combine(dsXTrain,dsYTrain);
and it works perfectly

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