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How to identify and erase the cells with the error "Error using fit>iFit (line 348). NaN computed by model function, fitting cannot continue" in an array?

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Dear community,
I have an array (720*1 cell) where in each cell, I have a set of variables x and y. I am estimating the best fit curve for each set. However, my loop stops and gives me the error: "Error using fit>iFit (line 348). NaN computed by model function, fitting cannot continue. Try using or tightening upper and lower bounds on coefficients."
How to identify all the cells with this error and remove them from the array? This is the code that I use:
ft1= fittype( 'power2');
for k = 1 : length(Array_january)
fit_curve{k}= fit(x{k},y{k},ft1);
Thank you in advance!
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Angelavtc le 16 Déc 2021
@Ive J Thank you very much! I don't see where I can accept your answer :(

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Ive J
Ive J le 16 Déc 2021
ft1= fittype( 'power2');
fit_curve = cell(length(Array_january), 1); % never forget preallocation!
for k = 1:length(Array_january)
fit_curve{k} = fit(x{k}, y{k}, ft1);
fprintf('error encountered index:%d\n', k)
failedIdx = find(cellfun(@isempty, fit_curve));

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