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how can i apply the sobel operator in horizontal direction?

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Maninder le 4 Nov 2014
how can i apply the sobel operator in horizontal direction in matlab R2011a?

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Anand le 4 Nov 2014
If you want the edge detected image, you can use the edge function as follows:
BW = edge(I,'sobel','vertical');
If you want just the filtered output image, you can use imfilter with a filter kernel generated by the fspecial function like so:
% generate horizontal edge emphasis kernel
h = fspecial('sobel');
% invert kernel to detect vertical edges
h = h';
J = imfilter(I,h);

Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 4 Nov 2014
What does that mean? The filter is applied in both directions - over the whole image. You can align the kernel in whatever orientation you want - not sure which orientation you call horizontal.

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