Which ANOVA type to apply in experimental design with replication?

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With the given experimental degisn below, I have to apply ANOVA test in order to test the significance of changing temperature and reaction time. The experiment included 2 temp. levels (50 60) and 4 time levels (20 30 50 68) - Test 1. After Test 1, the experiment is replicated with new samples to give Test 2.
I am confused how to apply ANOVA test with this experimental design as I have different levels for the factors and replication. I am also confused if I should apply One-way ANOVA or Two-way ANOVA.
Any information that would improve my understanding of ANOVA is appreciated.
In advance, thanks for all the support.

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 24 Dec 2021
It's best for you to make that call, but here are the relevant pages:
A quick observation is that only 2-way anova talks about replication.

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Ive J
Ive J on 29 Dec 2021
You have repeatedly measured the outcome, so this would be a two-way (two categorical independent variables) repated-measures ANOVA. see this example.
Baris Kara
Baris Kara on 7 Jan 2022
Thank you very much for this detailed description Ive J, I have better understanding of the situation now!

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