Error:Each physical network must be connected to exactly one Solver Configuration block. There is no Solver Configuration block connected to Physical Network with the following blocks

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I had connected a solver configuration block in my model but these error is popping up when i connect a "current-Voltage simscape interface" block in my model.Kindly guide me in solving this problem. Thanking you, Saideep.

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Yogeshwar Bala
Yogeshwar Bala le 6 Oct 2018
Connect an "Electrical Reference" block to your ground line and add a Solver Configuration block with default value of f(x) = 0 to it.
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Reginald Ogu
Reginald Ogu le 17 Mar 2023
Please how can I add a Solver Configuration block to my Simscape model?

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Behnam Mohammad
Behnam Mohammad le 15 Jan 2020
What happens when you have multiple subsystems and each subsystem has an individual solver?

ever steeven nevarez cedeño
ever steeven nevarez cedeño le 31 Août 2021
tengo un problema similar pero al reves el problema es cuando lo pongo


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