Not able to write the image by reading xcel files generated , getting error of data type as shown in picture attached. Anybody please help.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Jan 2022
You cannot do that. The result of imagesc is an OOP object, and OOP objects cannot be written to excel files.
Perhaps for your purposes it would be good enough to change
z = imagesc(n);
z = rescale(n);

Manu Gowda
Manu Gowda on 4 Jan 2022

Manu Gowda
Manu Gowda on 4 Jan 2022
Error is as above picture

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
This is not very clear, it would be better to copy the code instead of figures and provide a sample file so that the case can be reproduced. However, there is a clear error in the following:
When you do z=imagesc(n) you are using z as a handle to the image that will be generated with imagesc, for instance:
AlphaData: 1 AlphaDataMapping: 'none' BeingDeleted: off BusyAction: 'queue' ButtonDownFcn: '' CData: [65×65 double] CDataMapping: 'scaled' Children: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder] Clipping: on ContextMenu: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder] CreateFcn: '' DeleteFcn: '' HandleVisibility: 'on' HitTest: on Interpolation: 'nearest' Interruptible: on Parent: [1×1 Axes] PickableParts: 'visible' Selected: off SelectionHighlight: on Tag: '' Type: 'image' UserData: [] Visible: on XData: [1 65] YData: [1 65]
Clearly that is not what you want to save as an excel file.
Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Back to the same point z is a handle to the image, but if you want to output that as a file (say a png) you do not use imwrite like that, try this

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Manu Gowda
Manu Gowda on 25 Jan 2022
thank you for all of you




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