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Does lidarViewer app exist?

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Tala le 5 Jan 2022
I just downloaded the free trial of lidar app. Two new features (highlighted below) are added to my app library but I cannot see "lidarViewer" app here! am I missing something?
per matlab documentation: "lidarViewer opens a new session of the Lidar Viewer app."
when I do so, I get: "Unrecognized function or variable 'lidarViewer'."

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 5 Jan 2022
The last line of the documentation page for that app says "Introduced in R2021b". If you're using release R2021a (as indicated by the Release information on the right side of this post) you're using the release just before the one in which it was introduced. You will need to upgrade to release R2021b or later (if you're reading this after a later release comes out) to use it.

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