Energy management system in electric two wheeler

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Actually i need to connect the motors, controllers and all the auxiliary units( like head lights, sensors, brake lights etc) with the battery and show how much the energy they are consuming in simulink.
Does anyone have any idea regarding that?

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Ganesh Gudipati
Ganesh Gudipati on 16 Mar 2022
Hi Manish,
As per my understanding, you want to calculate the energy consumed by all the auxiliary components in a two-wheeler using Simulink.
Most of the components like motor, controller etc will be readily available as blocks in Simulink Library. In case we don’t find some component that is required for our model, we can build it in using the basic components already available in Simulink and add it to the library for future use.
Let’s say we need a component that can capture the electrical energy for the scenario given in question. But it’s not available in Simulink Library. We can build it using the equations we know
  • We know that Power = Voltage x Current
  • Energy = Power x time => (Voltage x Current) x time
  • We can get the values of voltage and current using the voltage and current sensors which are already available in the Simulink Library.
Suppose if you want to check some block, you can directly double click the mouse on Simulink interface and then type the name of the block like “motor”. This will display all the types of motors available in Simulink and select the one as per requirement.
To know about different toolboxes available in Simulink refer Simulink Toolboxes.
To know more about Simulink refer Simulink Documentation.

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