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Error assigning variable in loop

Asked by mashtine on 13 Nov 2014
Latest activity Commented on by mashtine on 13 Nov 2014
It is beyond me why I cannot figure this out. The debugger points to the line 'wsstd(i,1) = fricvelo.*4;' but I think it has to do with my if statement as even when the condition is failed, a calculation is still done. L(1,1) for instance is -0.393. I am sure my tired eyes just can't find the simple problem.
wsstd = zeros(length(ws),1);
for i = 1:11950;
if L(i,1) >= -500 && L(i,1) <= -50
wsstd(i,1) = fricvelo.*4;
wsstd(i,1) = 0;


Rick Rosson
on 13 Nov 2014
  1. Please post the exact and complete error message.
  2. What is the result of typing size(fricvelo) at the command prompt?
Hi Rick,
Here is the message:
Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
Error in ERA_Suomi_parametrization (line 43)
wsstd(i,1) =
43 wsstd(i,1) = fricvelo.*4
size(fricvelo) is (39928,1) where the #rows is the same as the length(ws)

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1 Answer

Answer by Orion
on 13 Nov 2014
 Accepted Answer

You're trying to insert a 39928x1 vector in only one element of wsstd.
size(wsstd(i,1)) == 1 for any i.
So you have a dimension problem.
you can only put a scalar in wsstd(i,1).
You need to change something (like fricvelo(i) ?...)

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Wow! How did I not see such an obvious answer! Sorry for waste of time Orion. Thanks

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