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It is possible to restore/delete an ROI after imager segmenter app binary apply?

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Hi, after binary mask apply in image segmenter app is possible to restore/delete a ROI?
In order to place a white part in black, without marking.

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VINAYAK LUHA le 4 Déc 2023
Hi Nuno,
I see that you're interested in finding out if there's a way to delete a binary masked ROI created with the MATLAB image segmenter app.
To answer your question, unfortunately, the image segmenter app does not yet offer an option to restore or delete a binary masked ROI once created. However, if you draw ROIs individually, you can revert to any of the previously drawn ROI state by selecting from the images displayed in the history tab in the left pane.
Hope this answers your query.
Vinayak Luha

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