Find corresponding element in same row as given value in matrix

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nogooduser on 15 Jan 2022
Commented: nogooduser on 18 Jan 2022
Hi there,
I am working with two column matrices. The matrices pull data from external files. Both matrices show basically one column corresponding to an x variable and one column corresponding to a y variable. The matrices share the same x variables and different y variables. I would like to:
  1. Find maximum y value in 1 of the column matrices.
  2. Use x value corresponding to max y value in matrix 1 to find y value in matrix 2.
Thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 15 Jan 2022
Assuming that A and B are you matrices, and that the Y values are in the second columns:
[valA,idx] = max(A(:,2))
valB = B(idx,2)

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