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how do I extract MODIS-Aqua data for multiple locations on cruise track for different dates?

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I want help to extract data from MODIS-Aqua daily chl-a netcdf files of 4km resolution, on several lat lon coordinates in the sampling track but these lat lon lies on different dates. The coordinates are not uniform and more than one might coincide in same grid.
If i keep all the coordinated with there respective dates in a csv file, put condition on date then how to extract data for specific data points.
Need help to proceed. Thanks.

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VINAYAK LUHA le 10 Jan 2024
Modifié(e) : VINAYAK LUHA le 10 Jan 2024
Hi Mansi,
It seems you have the daily(assuming) chlorophyll-a data from the MODIS sensor on NASA's Aqua satellite ready with you in a csv file which consists of dates,coordinates and their respective chlorphyll-a data. Further you wish to query the chlorophyll data in MATLAB for any given coordinate on any given date.
Since you mentioned, you have already put a condition on the dates, Next you can retrieve the chlorophyll data corresponding to the query [latitude,longitude] by calculating the euclidean distance between the dataset [latitude, longitude] and your query coordinates, then selecting the data point with the smallest distance and finding the chlorophyll data from it.This will provide you with the closest available match within your dataset for the given [latitude, longitude] pair.
If this doesn't fit in your use-case, you may also explore resampling the data using interpolation techniques.
Hope this answers your query.
Vinayak Luha


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