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Wouter on 17 Nov 2014
I want to create a custom bode plot. The reason for this is because we created a new type of frequency domain analysis for stochastic systems and we are able to compute the variance, and thus the standard deviation, in the frequency domain.
I know I can create an (MIMO) bode plot without any data yet using
h = gca;
InputNames = {'Xin', 'Yin'};
OutputNames = {'Xout', 'Yout'};
h = ltiplot(h,'bode',InputNames,OutputNames,[],cstprefs.tbxprefs);
To make it visible, you have to use
h.Visible = 'on'
Now then I am able to select all the axes using
ax = h.getaxes;
In this case "ax" is an "axes: 2-by-2-by-2" object. It contains 8 axes, 4 for the magnitude plots and 4 for the phase plots. I can select each axes either using "ax(1) ... ax(8)" or by "ax(1,1) ... ax(2,4)"
Now I want to be able to add my own data to each of those axes. I was, for example, hoping to be able to do
However when I execute "semilogx(ax(1,1),freq,mag1)", the bode plot created using "ltiplot" is destroyed and only "semilogx(ax(1,1),freq,mag1)" is shown.
My question is as such, when I created a bodeplot using "ltiplot" how am I able to add data to it?

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 20 May 2019
In this case, in my understanding - not to use ltiplot(). Compute the values of Bode and plot the computed values by employing semilogx().

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