Dont know how to make a plot using for loop

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so i have to create a plot that relates a set of variables against a time variable, but for that i need a for loop, because it has to go through multiple numbers, but i can code the for loop part.
Soujanya Shimoga Raveendra
Please share any code and relevant data so we can reproduce this issue at our end.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 25 Jan 2022
It depends on how your time and data are stored, but you can always use the hold command to sequentially add plots in a for loop:
for (i = 1:10)
hold on;
plot(t, data(:,i));
hold off;

Soujanya Shimoga Raveendra
As per my understanding, you wish to plot a set of variables against time axis.
Assuming 't' contains the time data and the gathered data pNN50_1 is a 1D array, you can directly plot as shown below:
plot(t, pNN50_1);
If pNN50_1 is set of variables or a 2D array you can use either of the below methods:
hold on
for i=1:length(t)
plot(t,pNN50_1(:,i)); %use plot(t,pNN50_1(i,:)); if data is present in rows
hold off
plot(t,pNN50_1); %the plot contains one line for each column in " pNN50_1”
% if data is present in rows, use plot(t,pNN50_1');
Refer to the below documentation for more information on “plot” function.
Hope this helps!

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