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Why do I get a straight line in scope?

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Muthukumar meiyappan Meiyappan
I get a straight line in scope every time i run this model in simulink. Can someone please explain why i am not able to get any other readings other than straight line in scope?

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy le 27 Jan 2022
Hi Muthukumar,
As per my understanding, the Simulink model is generating straight line in scope instead of showing a non-zero value.
There are certain blocks in the model whose input ports are not connected to any other block. Making the following changes might be helpful:
  1. For the ideal torque sensors in the model, the port 'C' is disconnected. It can be connected to a mechanical rotational reference block.
  2. For the variable displacement motor blocks, the port 'C' is disconnected. It can be connected to a physical signal block.
  3. The asynchronous machine block requires a power source to generate the required magnetic field. To operate the machine in generator mode, the input torque should be negative. Please refer to the documentation links here and here for more details.
Hope this helps!

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