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Matlab using Java openStream(url) get :Java exception occurred: java.lang.​NullPointe​rException

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I want to download one file from a URL. According to this: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/newsreader/view_thread/294528. all works fine until i go to the line: is = jurl.openStream; This gave one error says Java exception occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException.
Anyone can help? thanks
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes le 2 Déc 2014
Buer - good that you figured it out. Could you summarize it as an answer below?

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buer le 17 Déc 2014
Yes. so the answer is Matlab urlread does not support authentication with lower level request. So we need to code firectly against the Java URL class to use them:
% Matlab's urlread() doesn't do HTTP Request params, so work directly with Java
jUrl = java.net.URL(url);
conn = jUrl.openConnection();
conn.setRequestProperty('Authorization', ['Basic ' base64encode([user ':' password])]);
info.status = conn.getResponseCode();
info.errMsg = char(readstream(conn.getErrorStream()));
s = readstream(conn.getInputStream());
function out = base64encode(str)
% Uses Sun-specific class, but we know that is the JVM Matlab ships with
encoder = sun.misc.BASE64Encoder();
out = char(encoder.encode(java.lang.String(str).getBytes()));
function out = readstream(inStream)
%READSTREAM Read all bytes from stream to uint8
import com.mathworks.mlwidgets.io.InterruptibleStreamCopier;
byteStream = java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream();
isc = InterruptibleStreamCopier.getInterruptibleStreamCopier();
isc.copyStream(inStream, byteStream);
out = typecast(byteStream.toByteArray', 'uint8'); %'
catch err
out = []; %HACK: quash
Hope it will help others later.

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