how to plot exel data by loop

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a.s le 26 Jan 2022
Commenté : a.s le 14 Fév 2022
I have an Excel file that has 381 rows, and as shown in the figure in column F, I want the numbers 1 to be drawn together and the numbers 2 to be drawn together, ...
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 26 Jan 2022
You have six numeric columns in addition to the grouping column. How do you want each segment to be drawn ?
a.s le 26 Jan 2022
Column D is for X data and column E is for Y data, and I want all data for number 1 to be displayed in one color (for example, red) and all data for number 2 to be displayed in another color.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 26 Jan 2022
filename = 'TheFile.xlsx';
T = readtable(filename);
[G, uids] = findgroups(T{:,6});
hold on
h = splitapply(@(X,Y) plot(X, Y), T{:,4}, T{:,5}, G);
hold off
xlim auto; ylim auto
group_names = "Group " + string(uids(:));
legend(h, group_names);
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a.s le 6 Fév 2022
thanks a lot

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Biraj Khanal
Biraj Khanal le 26 Jan 2022
I am still learning and would do this:
D2= []; E2=[];
for i = 1: height(T)
if T.F (i) == 1
D1(end+1) = T.D(i);
E1(end+1) = T.E(i);
elseif T.F(i) == 2
D2(end+1) = T.D(i);
E2(end+1) = T.E(i);
hold on
plot (D2,E2)
I am sure there is a more efficient way to do it.
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a.s le 14 Fév 2022
thank you so much but its not work

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