introduce dead band time for a complementary signal in TI processor

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Venkatkumar M
Venkatkumar M le 26 Jan 2022
Commenté : Ramana manohar le 27 Jan 2022
could anyone tell me how to introduce dead band time for 10us in TI DSP processor using simulink?
I tried with period of 1000 but it is not working.
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Ramana manohar
Ramana manohar le 27 Jan 2022
Required dead band is calculated based on the system clock frequecy. Please reffer to the TI doc associated to the ePWM module.
For example for f28335(, I have claculated the dead band as shown below:
Required dead band = 50n sec
Sysrem clock =100M Hz
dead Band = 50n*100M = 5
Where TTBCLK is the period of TBCLK, the prescaled version of SYSCLKOUT

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi le 26 Jan 2022
Hello venkata Kumar, Can you share your Epwm A and Epwm B screenshot. I thik you are obtained just inverted Signal fron EPWM A and EPWM B.


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