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libmwtbbhist.dll not found when using dynamic library in visual studio project

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I generated .dll files for my functions using C++ as shown below.
I followed https://uk.mathworks.com/help/coder/ug/use-a-c-dynamic-library-in-microsoft-visual-studio-project.html#d123e57210 to build the C++ in visual studio 19 and it works ok with the example Foo function. I copied over my generated .dll files to the folder containing the executable.
However, when I add my function to the project, I cannot run it with error saying "A dependant dll was not found". It is missing libmwtbbhist.dll (and possibly more).
When I tried to copy the .dll into the folder containing the executable, I can only see libmwtbbhist.lib and copying the .lib does not work.
What would be the correct way to generate .dlls?
Thanks and regards,

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov le 7 Fév 2022
On the last page in the MATLAB Coder UI, there is a "package" button in the top right part of the screen. If you click it, it would create a .zip file containing the generated C/C++ code, along with all the auxiliary files the code uses. Can you please check if libmwtbbhist.dll is included there?
If that does not work, you can copy libmwtbbhist.dll from matlab/bin/win64

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