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How can I create nested pie/doughnuts chart?

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Robert Ungi
Robert Ungi le 8 Fév 2022
Modifié(e) : Robert Ungi le 15 Fév 2022
Is it possible to create nested pie charts in Matlab? If yes, how can I recreate something like as followinds?

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Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh
Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh le 8 Fév 2022
this might be useful:
but it's a lot simpler than charts in your source link. although the techniques to create all of those charts are similar to one used in above link.
but it seems you want a nested pie chart which from centeral layer to outer layer, every branch distribute into some sub-branches. if it is and above code doen't help, let me know. i will help you.

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