How do I propagate bussed signals from multiple System Composer sending Component blocks to a single port of a receiving Component block.

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I can create bussed signals on an outout port of a System Composer Component by assigning multiple internal ports to the output using dot notation e.g. output_bus.unit1, output_bus.unit2 etc.
If I route this one output port to another Component(receiving component) I am able to route internally to that component to multiple sub components using the same dot notation on signal names. they will match the ones i put in the sending block.
If I have multiple components needing to send to the one input port of the receiving component block i must use the Interface Adapter block. However, the hierachy of bussed signals does not appear in the inputs list of the Adapter when edited; the only way I can make hierarchy appear is to use an interface definition on the port. Furthermore when using a multiple input adapter block, the only way to have a bussed signal appear as the output is again to define an interface definition with hierarchy. This seems cumbersome and how do i ensure names given in dot notation within the Component Blocks are correctly propagated trough the adapters to the receiving block?
I am using 2020a.

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn le 21 Mar 2022
Modifié(e) : Josh Kahn le 21 Mar 2022
Hey there,
This functionality is now possible in R2021b with the introduction of Owned Interfaces in System Composer. You can use the interface adapter to adapt bus signals from a Simulink Behavior without having to define an interface in the dictionary.
Hope that helps,

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