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Copy and paste from MATLAB to Excel?

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Fabian Moreno
Fabian Moreno le 21 Fév 2022
Commenté : Fabian Moreno le 21 Fév 2022
Hello, I know this is a simple question and there is different ways to copy and paste. But when I'm going to copy from MATLAB to excel in a simple way ctrl+c and ctrl+v it doesn't work. For example if I have 4.564 it's paste in excel like 4 in one column and 564 next column. Even if I paste here, it show (,) instead of (.). I already congifured the decimal symbol format in windows. Bu I don't know what to do.
4,50262664165103 2,57701155143780 4,37480365080668 5,64994807022246 3,01084075117249 4,00876241188602 2,79157795251246 5,98662785598012 8,39823607808616

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AndresVar le 21 Fév 2022
Modifié(e) : AndresVar le 21 Fév 2022
check the variable preferences
preferences Variables
and see if "." is selected for number handling
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Fabian Moreno
Fabian Moreno le 21 Fév 2022
Thanks, @AndresVar you're right. It was with comma, I already changed to dot. Thank you!

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