Modeling of Touch sensing

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Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels le 21 Fév 2022
Commenté : Ahmed Fahmy le 22 Fév 2022
I'd like to know what can I leverage for modeling touch sensing from matlab/simulink or other available toolboxes?
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Ahmed Fahmy
Ahmed Fahmy le 21 Fév 2022
are you using capacitive/inductive sensing or some other technology?

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Réponses (3)

Ahmed Fahmy
Ahmed Fahmy le 21 Fév 2022
If you are using inductive sensing or capacitive sensing, you may consider using simscape electrical library.

Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels le 22 Fév 2022
Is there anything can be used to start-off - demo, examples, code/block snippet?

Peter Balazovic
Peter Balazovic le 21 Fév 2022
I am about to use cacitive sensing...




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